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Service Introduction


Service Introduction

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Pre-sale services
Establish a file, contact with customers, introduce the technical and equipment of the factory, understand the needs of users, recommend the corresponding equipment, implement the sample and related technical preparations, and improve the technical parameters.

Sale service
Provide user-related drawings, technical materials, coordinate the installation and construction of user equipment, and inform users of the production speed and production quality. Ensure that user engineering progress is synchronized with equipment manufacturing. Handle emergencies and maintain good communication with users.

After sales service
Send staff to the user to guide the installation, responsible for commissioning until delivery.
Responsible for the operation of the relevant personnel of the user, maintenance skills training.
Spare parts are available for long-term high quality and good price.
The equipment has a shelf life of one year. The equipment is damaged due to the quality of the equipment itself within one year after acceptance. It is responsible for free maintenance. If the fault is caused by improper operation, and the service is charged for 48 hours, the user will receive the first message. The user's question must be answered within 24 hours. If it cannot be resolved on the phone, the user will be rushed to solve the problem within the next 24 hours. )