Common failures and maintenance of belt type dryer in the process of using


Belt dryer, although the current relatively efficient energy-saving dryer, but in the actual operation is a failure, what we do is find out fault reason to rule out, let the belt drier as the largest energy efficiency service to our. So when customers buy with drier, the configuration should pay attention to the dryer, the dryer filter selection to adapt to drier population channel and aperture, a general pick filter mesh diameter is drier in channel or pore size of 0.2 times can be. Belt dryer in using common fault what? How to solve? How to maintain it? Kewei professionals for everyone to introduce several points:


1, before starting to air FRL check, will save water discharge and ensure adequate level.


2, to ensure that the dryer equipment has a good grounding, the equipment on the temperature meter should be measured by the test.


3, parts for inspection and maintenance, such as bearing and lubricating oil, adjust the belt pulley, check the electrical line, the door of the rocker, pipe connection, and so on.


4, raw material ignition failure, may be the dryer equipment design problems, or raw materials can not lead to the fire and so on. In addition, there may be caused by human factors, such as in order to achieve the drying effect of the drying effect of the heat caused by the burning of too small. At this point it is best to replace the transformation of the dryer equipment, check whether the installation of the dryer is correct, whether the leak or increase the wind pressure, etc.. The correct use of the dryer, careful to increase the temperature of the dryer, so as not to cause fire.


5, the emergence of raw materials, a one-time drying problem, this is mainly due to the drying machine is too small or improper use of the dryer and other reasons. In addition, the network traffic pressure, the calculation error will lead to such failure. Can replace or modify the drying equipment, or require manufacturers to re calculate wind pressure, flow and other change programs. If it is caused by improper operation, the operator will be strictly in accordance with the instructions for the correct operation.


6, to ensure that the mounting bolts loose, supporting spring connected to a snug fit, computer board control, wind wheel, heat exchanger have good flexibility.


7, keep equipment clean, daily cleaning of the equipment, clean up the dust in the dust box to ensure ventilation and so on. Regularly open the box cover cleaning equipment inside.
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