Analysis of the application of eight kinds of drying equipment in the chemical industry


Drying equipment in the industry is very wide, many areas need to use the use of drying equipment, the same drying equipment in the pharmaceutical industry also has an important role. Today, the author will bring eight kinds of drying equipment in the chemical industry, the application of the pharmaceutical industry. Analysis of the application of eight kinds of drying equipment in the chemical industry.


(1) belt dryer
Belt dryer is composed of a plurality of separate units. Each unit segment includes a circulating fan, a heating device, a separate or common fresh air pumping system and a tail gas exhaust system. The operating parameters of quantity, temperature, humidity and tail gas circulation of drying medium can be controlled independently, so as to ensure the reliability and operating conditions of the dry machine. With dry machine operating flexibility, wet material feeding, drying process in a fully sealed box, working conditions are better, to avoid the leakage of dust. For a better permeability of the sheet, strip, granular materials of dry, dehydrated vegetables, Chinese herbal pieces and other water content is high and the material temperature does not allow high material is particularly suitable.

(2) drum scraper dryer
The drum scraper drying machine through the rotation of the cylinder, heat conduction, will be attached to the outer wall of the cylinder body in a liquid phase material or strip material, drying a continuous handling equipment. The material liquid needed to be dried is flowed into the receiving groove of the drum dryer by the high groove. The drying roller is driven by the driving device, and is rotated according to the prescribed rotation speed. The material is made of cloth film device, and the material film is formed on the wall of the roller. The heat transfer of the material film is evaporated by the heat transfer of the cylinder wall, and the material is scraped by the scraper to scrape off the material to be dried. The water vapor is removed by evaporation, and the water vapor can be directly put into the atmosphere through a closed cover, and the corresponding processing device is introduced into the corresponding processing device. This machine is mainly used for processing liquid materials can pass into steam, hot water or hot oil heating and drying, and pass into the cold water cooling chip junction. According to different material properties and process requirements, the immersion type, spray type, and other feeding methods are used.

(3) hollow blade dryer (blade dryer)
Hollow blade paddle dryer is also known as the blade dryer, mainly consisting of a jacket of W shaped shell and two hollow propeller shaft and a driving device. The shaft is provided with a hollow blade, and the shaft end is provided with a rotary joint which is introduced into the heat medium. The heat required for drying moisture is transmitted to the material by the inner wall of the W shaped groove with the clamping sleeve and the hollow blade wall. During the drying process, the hollow shaft which is provided with a hollow blade is heated while the material is heated, and the material is stirred. Continuous conduction heating and drying machine. Heating medium for steam, hot water or heat conducting oil. Heating medium pass into the shell jacket and two hollow oar leaf rachises, conduction heating of materials for heating and drying, and different materials of hollow paddle shaft structure may be different. This machine applicable to deal with various pasty, granular, powder and other good thermal stability of the material, under the special conditions can also be dry heat sensitive materials and in the drying process of solvent recovery. Commonly used in carbon black, light calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, barium carbonate, acrylic acid, gypsum, clay, manganese dioxide, nylon and polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene (solvent recovery) etc. material drying or cooling.

(4) vacuum rake dryer
Dry materials from the shell of the vacuum rake dryer founder to join the middle, in the continuous rotation of the tooth of stirring, material and shell wall contact, surface, constantly updated, be affected drying steam (or hot water, heat conduction oil) indirect heating, but moisture vapor, vaporization of the water by a vacuum pump promptly removed. The drying material is heated by the heat carrier, which causes the water to be evaporated in the material, and the water is discharged in time by the vacuum pump.
Due to the high degree of vacuum operation, generally in the range of 400 to 700mmHg, is dry material surface water vapor pressure is much larger than the dryer shell space evaporation of water vapor pressure. Thus it is beneficial to the discharge of water and surface water in the interior of the dried material, which is beneficial to the water molecule movement of the dried material to achieve the purpose of drying. Vacuum rake dryer is suitable for heat sensitive, under the high temperature easy oxidation of materials or dry to harden the material, and drying in the discharge of steam to be recycled material. Sodium sulfonate, CMC, phthalocyanine blue, dye intermediate, carboxymethyl starch, malt, and sulfonic acid were the typical dry materials.

(5) double cone rotary vacuum dryer
Double cone rotary vacuum dryer body slightly as the olive shape, both ends of a cover is arranged in the middle of two to support the body. The utility model is used for heating and drying the body can rotate, the material and the device wall are frequently replaced, which overcomes the shortcoming that the material in the vacuum oven mainly depends on the conduction of the heating tube and the heat efficiency is low. Rotary vacuum dryer is widely used in fine chemical industry, medicine and so on. The equipment is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries of powder, granular and fiber like material in the concentrating, mixing, drying and low temperature drying material (such as biochemical products), more suitable for easy oxidation and volatilization, and sensitive to intense stimulation, toxic materials and not allow Xu destroy the crystal material drying.

(6) spray dryer
Spray drying process in liquid process shaping and drying industry the most widely used. The most suitable for producing powdery and granular solid products from solution, emulsion, suspending liquid and paste liquid raw materials. Therefore, when the particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle shape of the finished product must be in accordance with the precise standard, the spray drying is an ideal process.

(7) vacuum oven
Due to decompression after evaporation of volatile material

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