Application scope and type selection of belt type drying machine


Model selection
Belt dryer of the use range is very wide, at present in the pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other fields have it handy. But in each field of the selection criteria are not the same, this is because the various fields of dry material requirements and parameters have a greater difference. For example: in the pharmaceutical industry (especially Chinese Medicine), extract the general viscosity are larger, and the drying temperature requirements more stringent, the melting point of the control to accurately (especially polysaccharide material), the control range of vacuum degree to with different heating temperature requirements and to have online automatic adjustment function and so on. In addition to the detection system to be as far as possible to meet the pharmaceutical GMP standards in accordance with. And for the food industry, the solid content of the material extract is high (65%), specific volume and appearance requirements of production and product is vacuum belt dryer selection criteria in the key, food grade vacuum belt dryer selection process has two elements must not be ignored: a of unit energy consumption than the problem, another is equipment such as level of the raw materials transportation, fine crushing of the dried products and packaging. As for biological, chemical use of vacuum belt dryer due to the different forms of products, so the selection of the standard is very complex, so the need to be extra cautious.

The first step select vacuum belt dryer is to sample test for drying materials, this is very important. Therefore for equipment suppliers are material test equipment and experienced sample personnel is a measure of customer the most direct way to manufacturers. Qualified vacuum belt dryer manufacturers generally after the testing material can in the shortest possible time to customers provide a include: material actual evaporation, dynamic vacuum drying, drying temperature distribution, investment material size, actual drying time, the actual production capacity, unit energy consumption than other technical parameter report, convenient for customers to choose according to the requirements to meet production equipment models and specifications.

The second step select vacuum belt dryer is the design level of comprehensive survey of manufacturers and manufacturing capacity. Manufacturers generally in the material test report on the basis of the customer's production targets and operating conditions to provide a draft of the technical design and the design of the program in detail the reasons for the statement. The very important component of technical design scheme is the evaluation of manufacturers in a vacuum belt dryer manufacturing capacity, especially manufacturers, the key technology of the equipment design description such as design of design of design of the vacuum system, heating system, rectifying system, cleaning system design and feed, feeding system design. Another aspect of manufacturing capability is to investigate the actual usage of the manufacturer. Customers can according to the manufacturers to provide a list of users, go to the scene investigation, if the manufacturer does have enough strength is generally not refuse customer the reasonable requirements, and some are even able to provide a place to visit for customers to choose. And manufacturing capacity is limited or technical level of the enterprise is generally difficult to do this.

The third step select vacuum belt dryer is the actual processing capacity of the manufacturer and the production scale. At present domestic with series design and production capacity of enterprises does not exceed a maximum of three, especially the annual output reached 10 sets of vacuum belt dryer above (especially more than 6 layer drying bed large or super large equipment) manufacturer estimated only 1 ~ 2. So vast most of the domestic manufacturers are very difficult to form a vacuum belt drier parts of the standardized processing, customers to provide product maintenance and maintenance and parts and accessories of swaps are larger, often directly affect the user's production efficiency, also due to the lack of practical experience, on the equipment of mechanical structure, configuration of rationality, manufacturing precision and so on also impossible to consider very thoughtful. Vacuum belt dryer is characterized by large volume, many auxiliary equipment, high configuration requirements, complex intermediate links and so on. It is not easy to keep the equipment running in a long time. The price of this equipment is also more expensive, users are generally optimistic about its ability to dry and technical advantages of the use of large purchases, so they hope to recover the cost as soon as possible to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, in the procurement of equipment must choose a scale, have practical experience in design and manufacture and have reliable after-sales service guarantee system manufacturers can rest assured, of course provided by the manufacturers of such vacuum belt dryer price slightly high, but for users have a sense of security, the customer must not be because covet is cheap and may affect the overall situation.

Application range
For ventilation better sheet, strip, the granulated material drying, for dehydrated vegetables, Chinese herbal medicine and other moisture content high, and the temperature of the material does not allow high material is particularly suitable; the dryer has advantages speed, evaporation intensity is high, the quality of the products of drying. For the filter cake of the paste material, it is necessary to be prepared by granulation or drying can be dried.

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