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ZLG series vibrating fluidized bed dryer



ZLG series vibrating fluidized bed dryer
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ZLG series vibrating fluidized bed dryer

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Fluidized bed dryer is imported from the material into the machine. Under the action of vibrating force, the material is thrown along the horizontal surface of the fluidized bed. The hot air moves upward through the fluidized bed and is heated with the wet material, and the wet air is discharged by the cyclone after the dust is removed by the cyclone separator. The dry material is discharged from the discharging inlet. Apply to chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dehydrated vegetables, food, minerals and other industries of powder, granular materials drying, cooling and other operations.


Working principle:

Material from the feed port into the machine, under the action of vibration material along the horizontal fluidized bed casting, continuous motion, hot air upward through the fluidized bed with wet material after heat exchange, wet air after the cyclone dust discharged from the air outlet drying material from the discharge discharge.


Technical parameter:


Fluidized bed area (M)

Inlet temperature (C)

Outlet temperature(C)

Evaporation capacity(kg)

Vibrating motor


Power Kw

ZLG3×0.30 0.9 70-140 40-70 20-35 ZDS31-6 0.8×2
ZLG4.5×0.30 1.35 70-140 40-70 35-50 ZDS31-6 0.8×2
ZLG4.5×0.45 0.025 70-140 40-70 50-70 ZDS32-6 1.1×2
ZLG4.5×0.60 2.7 70-140 40-70 70-90 ZDS32-6 1.1×2
ZLG6×0.45 2.7 70-140 40-70 80-100 ZDS41-6 1.5×2
ZLG6×0.60 3.6 70-140 40-70 100-130 ZDS41-6 1.5×2
ZLG6×0.75 4.5 70-140 40-70 120-140 ZDS42-6 2.2×2
ZLG6×0.9 5.4 70-140 40-70 140-170 ZDS42-6 2.2×2
ZLG7.5×0.60 4.5 70-140 40-70 130-150 ZDS42-6 2.2×2
ZLG7.5×0.75 5.625 70-140 40-70 150-180 ZDS51-6 3.0×2
ZLG7.5×0.9 6.75 70-140 40-70 160-210 ZDS51-6 3.0×2
ZLG7.5×1.2 9 70-140 40-70 200-260 ZDS51-6 3.0×2

Application area

Drying and cooling of powder and granular materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dehydrated vegetable, grain and mineral industries. Such as: citric acid, monosodium glutamate, borax, ammonium sulfate, compound fertilizer, rose L, silk, soybean meal, grains, seeds, slag, sugar etc..

Operation procedure

Process characteristics

1.The vibration source is driven by vibrating motor, which has the advantages of smooth running, convenient maintenance, low noise and long service life.

2.A well proportioned, dry, cooling product can be obtained by a well proportioned, no dead air and blow through phenomenon.  

3.Good adjustability, wide range of application. The thickness of the material layer, the moving speed in the machine and the full amplitude change can be adjusted continuously. 

4.The material surface damage is small. It can be used for the drying of fragile materials. When the material particles are irregular, it does not affect the work effect.

5.The utility model adopts a totally enclosed structure, effectively prevents cross infection between materials and air, and has a clean working environment. 

6.The utility model has the advantages of high mechanical efficiency, high thermal efficiency and good energy saving effect, and can save energy by 30 and 60% compared with the ordinary drying device.


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