Automatic make-up vehicle system

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Automatic make-up vehicle system

Workflow:Theautomaticmake-upvehiclesystemissuitableforthecompletionofgranulatingandpacking. Itiscomposedoflineartransmission,Longmenframe,manipulator,conveyorbeltandotherrelatedcontrolelementsandcontr

Category: Packaging series

Case Description


The automatic make-up vehicle system is suitable for the completion of granulating and packing. It is composed of linear transmission, Longmen frame, manipulator, conveyor belt and other related control elements and control system. The truck carrying the product is parked to the designated area manually. Press the system start button, the belt drive, the manipulator arrives at the predetermined position. The robot drives the product on the conveyor belt. After the grab is completed, the manipulator automatically moves to the carriage area for palletizing. Palletizing form is set up by palletizing function package control system. After the completion of the stacker, the robot continues to move to the conveyor belt grab area, for the next crawl. Repeat the above running posture to realize automatic make-up vehicle.

Run time:

Carriage distance/M

Product QTY / bag

Carousel beat

Grab beats

Track beat


Return tempo

Summary shot

3M 2 3s 2s 5s 2s 5s 17s
5M 2 3s 2s 8s 2s 8s 23s
8M 2 3s 2s 11s 2s 11s 29s
11M 2 3s 2s 14s 2s 14s 35s
15M 2 3s 2s 17s 2s 17s 41s


1.The above beats are divided into 5 kinds,Depending on the size of the car,The tempo used is also different.

2.The tempo is theoretical tempo, and the specific tempo is determined by field debugging.




The manipulator adopts pneumatic clamping device, which has high speed, sensitivity and clamping effect. This automatic make-up vehicle system, equipped with 2 mechanical hand, more efficient production time. So as to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Conveyor belt


Main functional equipment


The conveyor belt is a custom conveyor belt with sensing stop stop and more efficient mechanical hand handling.

1. straight-line drive portal frame  

2. Four axle drive

3. Manipulator

4. Conveyor belts (2 groups)

5. Conveyor belt control system

6. Line control system

7. Mechanical components

8. Electrical components

9. control cabinet

10. sensor


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