WLDH series Horizontal ribbon mixer

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WLDH series Horizontal ribbon mixer


Category: Mixing equipment

Case Description

First. Product introduction

Horizontal ribbon mixer composed of U shaped tube, spiral blade and transmission parts;helical ribbon blades are generally made of double lqyer,at work,the outer helical belt make materials collected from both sides to the central layer,and the inner helical belt transport materials from the central to the two sides,and the convective mixing is formed.Mixing parts can also be made into a paddle or increased knife,adapt to different materials.The cylinder cover can be made of the arch or fully-opened,arch can be under pressure,fully-opened is convenient to clean equipment inside. The machine has the advantages of wide application range, high mixing uniformity, short mixing time and large loading coefficient.

Second. Working principle

Stirrer shaft,the outer helical belt with power driven,the coiled form with the rotation direction push materials from both ends of the U-shaped positions to the center ,and inner helical belt push materials from the center to both ends, the convective mixing is formed.

At the bottom central of horizontal ribbon mixer cylinder opening discharging port,the outer helical belt with main shaft rotation direction drive cylinder inner wall material to central material discharging mouth,ensure that no dead angle of material discharge in the cylinder.


Third. Application area

The horizontal screw mixer is suitable for mixing powder with powder, granule and powder, powder and small amount of liquid,widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed, plastic and building materials industries, can be produced according to GMP standards. The utility model has the advantages of wide adaptability to the mixture, homogeneous mixing of the viscous material, and the particle material as much as possible to keep the particles intact, and can mix the materials with a mixture ratio of 1:1000 to 10000. The machine can also make heating, cooling, positive pressure, vacuum and other special forms according to the user's requirements.

Forth. Structure characteristics 

1、The machine is a horizontal cylinder,the inner and outer two layers of helical belts have unique structure, stable operation, reliable quality, low noise, long service life, convenient installation and maintenance, and a wide range of agitator structure, versatile mixing equipment. The mixing effect of horizontal ribbon mixer is not affected by the particle size and density. The mixing speed is fast, the mixing uniformity is high, and the spiral belt can be provided with a scraper, and the mixing effect of the viscous material is good.

2、The mixing speed is fast, the mixing uniformity is high, especially sticky,and the helical belt can be installed with a scraper, and the mixing effect of the viscous material is good.

3、Requires a mix of different materials (special materials must each mixing needs cleaning), using different helical belt structure,heating and drying of the jacketed type.

4、The positive and negative rotating spiral strips are arranged on the same horizontal axis , form a low power and high efficient mixed environment.stable mixing process reduce the damage to the fragile material,the installation structure also has the role of crushing knife,can also be equipped with liquid injection system,the liquid and power better fully uniform mixing.

5、Can also open cleaning door on the horizontal body, in order for the user to clean. Equipment overall height is low, easy to install.

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Fifth. Technical specifications


Model specification

Motor power(kw


Mixing quantity (m3)


Equipment weight (kg)

WLDH-0.05 2.2 76 <30 900×500×10 280
WLDH-0.1 2.2 76 <60 1080×758×615 330
WLDH-0.3 4 66 <180 1550×812×1015 780
WLDH-0.5 5.5 66 <300 1975×1059×1120 955
WLDH-1 11 41 <600 2340×1380×1455 1400
WLDH-1.5 15 37 <900 2430×1450×1600 2000
WLDH-2 18.5 33 <1200 2480×1651×1800 2500
WLDH-2.5 22 33 <1500 2700×1700×1850 2900
WLDH-3 22 33 <1800 2945×1896×1980 3300
WLDH-4 22 29 <2400 3038×1946×2205 3600
WLDH-5 30 29 <3000 3932×2010×2035 4620
WLDH-6 37 26 <3600 3938×1882×2246 5300
WLDH-8 45 26 <4800 3986×2160×2516 6800
WLDH-10 55 23 <6000 4500×2270×2667 8900
WLDH-12 55 21 <7200 4500×2466×2785 9520
WLDH-15 75 21 <9000 5363×2470×3020 9950
WLDH-20 75 19 <12000 5670×2650×3150 11140
WLDH-25 90 17 <15000 6800×2730×3200 15500
WLDH-30 110 17 <18000 8500×2800×3300 16000


Seventh. Equipment in stock and delivery


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