SFJH series linear vibrating screen

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SFJH series linear vibrating screen


Category: Screening equipment

Case Description

First. Use and scope of application

SFJH series vibrating screen is used for screening and grading of powdery material or particle feed in fertilizer plant. It can also be used in the initial cleaning of raw material in fertilizer plant and the classification of intermediate products after two smashing of large and medium-sized fertilizer plants. In addition, it can also be widely used in screening and grading of raw materials and finished products in various industries such as grain, food, chemical industry, sugar making, mining, and papermaking.

Second. Performance characteristics

The machine adopts a special balance way to balance the inertia force in each direction during the movement of the screen. Therefore, the vibration is small, the noise is low, and the strength of the support is low. The machine combines the advantages of circular motion, ellipse motion and reciprocating linear motion, and has a sieve surface cleaning device, so the output is large, the screening efficiency is high, and the power consumption is small. The machine is flexible and easy to screen.

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