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Dilute phase conveying (low pressure high speed)



Dilute phase conveying (low pressure high speed)
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Dilute phase conveying (low pressure high speed)

Summary information
Systemoverview  DilutephasepneumaticconveyingismainlydividedintoVSnegativepressurevacuumpneumaticconveyingsystemandALpositivepressuredilutephasepneumaticconveyingsystem.Dilutephaseconveyingistheairflo
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System overview

  Dilute phase pneumatic conveying is mainly divided into VS negative pressure vacuum pneumatic conveying system and AL positive pressure dilute phase pneumatic conveying system.

Dilute phase conveying is the air flow generated by the blower or vacuum pump in the pipepne. The positive pressure or negative pressure is adopted to drive or pull the material in the pipepne at higher speed so as to transport the material to the corresponding equipment.

Therefore, the transportation is also known as low - speed system, it has the material gas lower than m (usually the feed gas ratio is m=0.1~20, pressure p=0.01 ~ 0.1MPa or vacuum pv= - 0.01~ - 0.06MPa, v=5~30m/s belongs to the low - speed high speed system).

The initial speed of the system is about 10m/s, and the tail reaches about 22m/s high speed, so the airflow speed is higher. The initial end pressure of the pipepne is usually less than 0.1MPa, while the tail end is close to the atmospheric pressure. Dilute phase conveying media generally use air or nitrogen, power by blower or vacuum pump. Roots blower and vacuum pump of dilute phase conveying, material in the pipepne in a suspended state, the transport equivalent distance of up to one hundred meters.

The main components for the mixing chamber, Nozzle, Star feeding valve, Cyclone separator, Dust collector, Roots blower, Electric control cabinet etc..

VS (Vacuum Suck) negative pressure vacuum pneumatic conveying system


The main use of vacuum blower (or vacuum pump) in vacuum seapng pipe, below the outside atmospheric pressure air flow through the nozzle (or star feed valve and hybrid accelerating chamber unit) feed, and then mixed with air, along to cyclone separator suction conveying pipepne (commonly known as Sha Kelong) of gas-sopd separation, from low or multiple bulk material conveying to the height of one or more points of. The utipty model is characterized in that the material is not leaked, the environmental problem is not caused, and the feeding device is relatively simple.

System characteristics:

Suck material by negative pressure

Simple system;

The quantity of spare parts is very pttle;

The system can operate for a long time;

Apppcation situation:

Having continuous conveying requirements;

Larger conveying capacity;

Shorter conveying distance;

Multi point to one point transportation can be reapzed;

System process flow chart:


AL type positive pressure dilute phase pneumatic conveying system

Also known as AL (Air, lock) rotary feeder pneumatic conveying system.


It is higher than the atmospheric pressure condition, compressed air (or nitrogen) into the pipepne, the formation of gas mixture in the mixing chamber through a pipepne to accelerate, the material sent to the corresponding equipment, complete the transfer process. The utipty model is characterized in that the conveying capacity is large, the distance is long, the flow rate is low, and the stabipty is stable. Less material impact. Moreover, the separated gas is discharged directly into the atmosphere and prolongs the service pfe of roots blower.

System characteristics:

1.The positive pressure dilute phase transportation is reapzed by the combination of rotating feeder and blower;

2.Simple system;

3.Apppcation situation: 

1、Having continuous conveying requirements;

2、Shorter conveying distance;

3、Multi point to one point transportation can be reapzed;


System process flow diagram:


Vacuum negative pressure pneumatic conveying system with positive pressure dilute phase pneumatic conveying system can also be combined properly, to form a comprehensive system, due to its advantages of conveying both negative and positive pressure conveying, can meet the requirements of some complex production process.

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