Hyperflow Conveying System (high pressure low speed)

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Hyperflow Conveying System (high pressure low speed)


Category: Pneumatic conveying

Case Description

System overview:

Hyperflow Conveying System is mainly divided into two parts: The delivery tank (or silo pump) is basically transported and sent to tank for flow transportation, the tank can be fed by pressure, the delivery tank can be loaded fully, and the delivery tank can be delivered.

The delivery system utilizes gas pressure higher than 0.3MPa, use positive pressure to squeeze material,cause it to flow through the pipe. Through the pipeline to the corresponding equipment. Therefore, it is often referred to as a high speed low speed system. It has high material gas m (usually gas to material ratio m=20~100, pressure p=0 to 0.7MPa, speed v=0.5~8m/s as high pressure low speed system).



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