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Automated control production line



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Automated control production line

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Introduction of automatic control system

Including the central control system part, the power cabinet part, the on-site execution mechanism (such as motor, electromagnetic valve, etc.). Use international standards mudbus communication protocol for communication, the central control system input instruction through the PC , PLC will send the output command to the scene of each device, complete the automatic control.

The system is realized by computer technology and industrial controller hardware and software configuration, and the production is highly automated and intelligent. It can ensure the production orderly and safely, monitor, operate and manage the production process, improve the production efficiency, stabilize the product quality and management level.


Overall scheme

1. The system is configured as follows (not the real):


Automation scheme topology

The system is divided into monitoring layer, communication control layer, execution and data acquisition layer. The monitoring layer is composed of man-machine interface system. communication control layer consists of Siemens communication bus, Siemens PPI communication and Siemens processing systems, standard protocols and media, communications cable and converter. The execution and detection layers are respectively used to control the data acquisition of motors and sensors.

This system is divided into three parts:

1)Packaging scale system

2)Granulation system

3)Dust collection system

Each part of the function layer, under the control of automation program, uses serial port protocol and PPI communication protocol as Unicom to realize the following functions:

①Production technology, production process display and control process

The display and control of the production process and production process are the basic functions of the automation system. The operator can visually see the status of processes through the man-machine interface, and also monitor the equipment in accordance with the requirements of the technology. Visually see the equipment working and make abnormality judgment.

Siemens controller programming languages: standard S7 programming languages LAD-Ladder Diagram

Man-machine : Based on kingview development (based on VB、VC).

Production process: According to the input related control parameters on the man-machine interface, the system will control the dust collection system and feed the host computer according to the related parameters.

The current control of the granulation host: according to the setting of the parameters, the speed of the spiral of quantitative feeding is controlled and changed by detecting the current in the host, so as to ensure that the current of the granulation host is constant.


②Self-diagnosis function

Systems in accordance with established process to improve the flow of control and backup control, when a section is abnormal, the system will automatically diagnoses, do the relevant reminder in the HMI, and implement a reasonable exception handling function.

③Multi-level management function

According to the conventional production requirements, the system set up two management authority level: management and operational levels, can be used in accordance with actual production. At different levels, with different management rights. Management level can be achieved on the whole operation process, but the operating level can only to achieve the basic operation management of the system . Formula secret can be achieved.

④Historical data and print

The system has a very good forward-looking and flexible design function, which can increase the personalized demand function in the range of the allowed capacity of the control system according to the actual production requirements of the customer, and set up the expansion allowance of 3%.

⑤Communication support and expand

Communication Services of S7 / C7 communication object in the system by integrating the function blocks.

The communication services maybe have:

S7 standard communication with the PPI.

 S7 Communication Industrial Ethernet.

 Interoperability of various interfaces.

 Programmers and personal computers.


 Industrial PC.

Third-party programmable controller. 


System design

According to the technological process, the process of automatic control production is as follows:

First: The relevant parameters of the system can be set by the host computer, such as setting the current of the granulator, setting the current too high, setting the alarm, automatic / single mode, and so on.

Second: Starting system, if it is automatic mode, can be started by one key by the upper computer. The programmable controller can start the equipment according to the process sequence. At the same time, the motor will fail to check the motor of the related equipment before starting. If it is a single mode, the operator will need to start the equipment manually.

Third: The system has entered the production stage, and the host computer monitors the running status of each device in real time, such as motor current, frequency and so on.

Forth: With related alarm functions and records, such as the failure of the finished product conveyor motor, the system will alert the operator in time to notify the operator and automatically close the front equipment to prevent two faults such as plugging.


Forth、The characteristics of this scheme are as follows:

※To realize process flow, data management, intelligence and automatic feeding adjustment in production process.

※The system is easy to operate, stable, friendly to people, and can promote safety production and improve product quality and stability.

※The production process is monitored and managed in real time.

※The system can save energy and reduce consumption, reduce labor cost and labor intensity, and increase production efficiency.

※Ensure the safety of operators and maintenance personnel, and stabilize production.


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