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LPG series high speed centrifugal spray dryer



LPG series high speed centrifugal spray dryer
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LPG series high speed centrifugal spray dryer

Summary information
Product Detail

The spray drier is widely used in the pquid shaping technology and in the drying industry. Particularly it is suitable for producing powder, granule or block sopd product from solution, emulsion, suspending pquid and pumped paste pquid.

Working principle

Fresh air after filtering and heating, enters into the air distributor at the top of dryer.Then the hot air enters into the drying chamber. The pquid of raw material is pumped in through diaphragm pump, be atomized into tiny droplets. Through the very short time of contacting the hot air, the materials can be dried into the finished products.The wasted air and fine powder will be collected through collector at the bottom of cyclone.The tower body also equipped with observation door, sight glass, lamp-house and so on.

The drying method does not require the mechanical separation of the raw material in advance and the drying time is very short (usually 5 ~ 30s).It is suitable for drying heat sensitive materials, such as food, medicine, biological products, dyes, plastics and fertipzer etc..


Performance characteristics

1.The drying rate is fast, and the surface area of the material is greatly increased after atomization,In the hot air stream, the moisture of 95%-98% can be evaporated in a flash,particularly suitable for drying heat sensitive materials.

2.The product has good uniformity, fluidity and solubipty. The product has high purity and good quapty.

3.The production process is simppfied and the operation and control are convenient.For a pquid containing 40-60% of moisture (up to 90% of special material), it can be dried into powder products at one time. After drying, there is no need to smash and screen, to reduce production process and improve product purity.The size, density and moisture of the product can be adjusted in a certain range by changing operating conditions, and the control and management are very convenient.

Adaptive material

Chemical industry: Sodium fluoride (potassium), basic dye, pigment, dye intermediate, compound fertilizer, formaldehyde, silicic acid, catalyst, sulfuric acid, amino acid, white carbon and so on.

Plastic resin: AB, ABS emulsion, urine aldehyde resin, phenolic resin, glue (urea), formaldehyde resin, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc..

The food industry: fat rich milk, cacoa milk powder, milk replacer, hunting blood meal, egg white (yellow) etc..

Foods and plants: oats, chicken juice, coffee, instant tea, spices, meat, protein, soy, peanuts, proteins, hydrolysates, etc..

Carbohydrates: corn syrup, corn starch, glucose, pectin, maltose, potassium sorbate, etc..

Ceramic: alumina, ceramic tile material, Magnesium Oxide, talcum powder, etc..


Technical specifications


5 25 50 150 200-2000

Inlet temperature

140-350 Automatic control

Outlet temperature


Maximum moisture evaporation(kg/h)

5 25 50 150 200-2000

Transmission form of centrifugal spray head

Compressed air transmission

Mechanical drive

Maximum speed(r.p.m)

25000 18000 18000 15000 8000-15000

Diameter of spray plate(mm)

50 120 120 150 180-240

Heat source


Steam + electricity

Steam + electricity, fuel oil, gas, hot stove

Maximum power of electric heating(kw)

9 36 72 99  

Overall dimension (L * w * h) (m)

1.8×0.93×2.2 3×2.7×4.26 3.5×3.5×4.8 5.5×4×7

According to the actual situation

Dry powder recovery(%)


Note: the evaporation of water is related to the characteristics of the material, the heat inlet air and the outlet temperature. When the outlet temperature is 90oC, the moisture evaporation curve is shown above (for selection reference). As the product is constantly updated, the relevant parameters are changed without prior notice.

Order note

1.Material name, physical property: solid content (or water content), viscosity, surface tension, pH value.

2.Dry powder capacity, allowable residual water content, particle size, and permissible maximum temperature.

3.Yield and operation time per day.

4.Available energy: steam pressure, capacity, capacitance, coal, oil, gas.

5.Control requirement: does the inlet and outlet temperature require automatic control?

6.Powder collection requirement: whether or not to install a bag trap, the environment to exhaust emissions requirements.

7.Other special requirements.

Technical specifications


A B C D E1 E2 F G H I
LPG-25 1290 3410 4260 1800 1200 1200 1000 1700 1300 1550
LPG-50 1730 4245 5100 2133 1640 1640 1250 1750 1800 1600
LPG-100 2500 5300 6000 2560 2100 2100 1750 1930 2600 1780
LPG-150 2800 6000 7000 2860 2180 2180 1970 2080 3050 1960
LPG-200 2800 6600 7300 3200 2300 2300 2210 2250 3050 2100
LPG-300 2800 8000 8700 3700 2800 2800 2520 2400 3040 2250

Operating procedures


1.1. Install the sealing material at the pipe joints and connect them to ensure that unheated air is not allowed to enter the drying chamber.

1.2. Check the static equipment, pipelines, static sealing points, high-speed centrifugal spray dryer for running, running, dripping, leaking and blocking.

1.3. Check if the door and observation window are closed and check for air leaks.

1.4. Check whether the locks, instruments, valves, etc. of the electric high-speed centrifugal spray dryer are normal. Tighten the bottom of the barrel and the pollinator at the bottom of the cyclone, requiring the pollinator to be clean and dry. Before installation, check if the seal ring is detached, and then turn off the pollinator before it falls off.

1.5. Jog start the start button of the centrifugal fan to check whether the running direction of the centrifugal fan is correct.

1.6. Fill the centrifugal nozzle motor filler port to more than one-half of the observation hole, then open the oil circulation pump.

1.7. Check if the adjustment butterfly valve at the outlet of the centrifugal fan is open. (Note: Do not close the butterfly valve, otherwise it will damage the electric heater and the air inlet duct, which must be paid full attention)

1.8. Is the connection pipe of the feed pump connected, and the direction of rotation of the motor and pump is correct.

1.9. Place the spray head on the top of the drying room to prevent it from leaking.

1.10. Close the outlet of the feed pump.

1.11. Check if the feed pump is normal. (Operation and inspection according to the operating procedures of the centrifugal pump)

2. Driving

2.1. Turn on the centrifugal fan and check the operation of the fan equipment: including whether there is vibration, noise, odor, etc. of the high-speed centrifugal spray dryer, whether the temperature of the motor and the bearing is normal, and whether the anchor screw is loose.

2.2. (First open steam heating) Turn on the electric heater (electric heating is to assist the heating), and check for leakage (if the leakage occurs, the control cabinet will automatically jump off). The barrel is preheated and the preheating temperature is between 180 and 220 °C.

2.3. Switch on the switch.

2.4. Place the centrifugal spray head, turn on the centrifugal nozzle, and slowly adjust the frequency of the atomizer to a certain frequency (determined according to the actual situation). When the nozzle reaches the maximum speed under the frequency condition, turn on the feed pump and open it. The outlet valve of the pump. At the same time, open the bottom of the barrel and the pollinator at the bottom of the cyclone to receive the material. (It is not necessary to clean each batch of materials during continuous production. It needs to be determined according to the corrosiveness of the materials. Generally, it is not necessary to disassemble the centrifugal nozzles, and clean them with a screw pump.)

2.5. Slowly open the valve of the centrifugal nozzle to make the amount of material to be small to large, otherwise the wall will be stuck until the proper requirements are adjusted to keep the exhaust air temperature constant.

2.6. The dried product is collected. It should be exchanged in the lower part of the tower body and the pollinator in the lower part of the cyclone before the pollinator is filled. When the pollinator is replaced, the butterfly valve must be replaced before the butterfly valve can be replaced get on.

3. Normal maintenance check content

3.1. Record the parameters of the high-speed centrifugal spray dryer and the main equipment current every hour, and make a good production record.

3.2. Check the static equipment, pipelines, chutes, static sealing point high-speed centrifugal spray dryer for running, running, dripping, leaking and blocking.

3.3. Check the operation of the pump equipment: including whether the high-speed centrifugal spray dryer has vibration, abnormal sound, whether the motor and bearing temperature are normal, whether the anchor screw is loose, and whether the outlet pressure is normal.

3.4. Maintenance of centrifugal nozzles


3.4.1. If there are noises and vibrations during use, stop the atomizer immediately and check if there is any residual material in the spray tray. If it is, it should be cleaned in time.

3.4.2. Check bearings and bushings, as well as shafts, gears and other transmission parts for abnormalities. If found, replace damaged parts in time.

3.4.3. The mechanical transmission atomizer is rotated by high speed gears. The high-speed lubrication cooling fluid must be continuously circulated and cooled to ensure good lubrication of the gears, shafts and bearings. (Use hydraulic oil or spindle oil) The viscosity of the oil used should not be too high.

3.4.4. In order to increase the life of the atomizer, it is best to alternate the nozzles for 8 hours or according to the situation. The lubricating oil of the rolling bearing should be exchanged once in 150~200 hours. In use, every 1~2 hours, you can add a few drops of lubricating oil to the oil cup switch. The small handle on the top of the oil cup is turned up and down a few times, then the small handle is leveled. If it is vertical, the oil cup Always in the refueling state, the oil in the oil cup is quickly added, and the product will be contaminated due to too much refueling.

3.4.5. After use, it should be washed with water.

3.4.6. When disassembling, care should be taken not to bend the main shaft. When installing the spray disc, use a plug to control the gap between the disc and the housing. The nut of the fixed spray disc must be tightened to prevent loosening.

3.4.7. After the work is finished and during transportation, it is not allowed to lay down. If the placement is not correct, the spindle will be bent and affect the use. Therefore, the bracket should be placed.

4. Parking

4.1 Normal parking 4.1.1. (First turn off steam heating and electric heating to cool down, and turn off the feed pump (screw pump) to cool down) When the inlet temperature drops to 90 °C, the atomizer can be turned off when the temperature is below 90 °C, and the circulating fan is at a temperature of 60. It can be turned off when it is below °C.

4.1.2. After the spraying is completed, the raw material liquid is switched to the solvent, and the atomizer frequency is adjusted to 50 Hz, and sprayed for about 10 minutes, and the atomizer speed is slowly decelerated to about 20 Hz, and the power of the centrifugal nozzle is turned off.

4.1.3. Keep the centrifugal fan running, reduce the temperature in the cyclone spray drying tower to 40-50 ° C, and then turn off the fan power.

4.1.4. Clean the centrifugal spray dryer with a screw pump to clean the water.

4.2. Emergency stop

4.2.1. When the temperature of the electric heating system is too high, it is necessary to immediately turn off the power supply of the electric heating system to avoid accidents such as burnout of the electric heating system or fire.

4.2.2. When the centrifugal fan is not operating properly or stops running, emergency stop is required.

4.2.3. For emergency stop, press the “Emergency Stop Switch” on the control cabinet. Also turn off the steam valve.

5. Precautions for use

5.1. When the oxygen concentration is less than 21%, it is strictly forbidden to open the inspection door, otherwise it will cause the operator to lack oxygen, resulting in suffocation.

5.2. When opening the freezer, it is necessary to open circulating water;

5.3. Before each driving, the two filling ports of the atomizer must be filled;

5.4. During the closed operation, when spraying organic solvent, the oxygen concentration must be controlled below 5% (can be introduced into N2 or restarted to make the oxygen concentration reach the required value), otherwise the organic solvent may be burning or exploding.

5.5. Do not touch rotating parts (atomizer, atomizer disk, belt, motor fan blade) while the device is in operation.

5.6. During the period of equipment operation or after a period of time, the surface temperature is relatively high. Do not touch the bag filter, cyclone, air duct, atomizer, exhaust fan, observation window and other components by hand.

5.7. When the temperature of the drying tower does not drop to normal temperature, please do not enter the tower. 5.8. When opening and closing the inspection door, disassembling the air duct, cyclone separator, and atomizer, be careful when your hands and fingers are caught.

6. Summary

At present, the domestic market share of drying equipment in China has reached more than 80%. In the type of drying equipment, the spray dryer will continue to be centrifugal, pressure, and airflow type; the demand for equipment with functional combinations (such as granulation-drying, drying-filtration) will also increase; high-automatic drying equipment It will be welcomed in some application areas.

In addition, the appearance quality of drying equipment will receive more and more attention, and the corrosion resistance and reliable service life of corrosive material drying equipment will be of particular concern to users.


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