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2015 highlights the company shipped

2015,Icontinuetoflourish,ourproductsareexportedaroundathomeandabroad 1.NortheasternDH650equipmentandmoresets2.HarbinDH650twosetsofequipment3.Heilongjiang,acompanyDH650foursetsofequipment4.Sichuan,afer


The calcium carbonate industry, development status and characteristics of mixing granulator



Application scope and type selection of belt type drying machine

Belt dryer of the use range is very wide, at present in the pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other fields have it handy. But in each field of the selection criteria are not the same, this is because the various fields of dry material requirements and parameters have a greater difference. For example: in the pharmaceutical industry (especially Chinese Medicine), extract the general viscosity are larger, and the drying temperature requirements more stringent, the melting point of the control to accurately (especially polysaccharide material), the control range of vacuum degree to with different heating temperature requirements and to have online automatic adjustment function and so on. In addition to the detection system to be as far as possible to meet the pharmaceutical GMP standards in accordance with. And for the food industry, the solid content of the material extract is high (65%), specific volume and appearance requirements of production and product is vacuum belt dryer selection criteria in the key, food grade vacuum belt dryer selection process has two elements must not be ignored: a of unit energy consumption than the problem, another is equipment such as level of the raw materials transportation, fine crushing of the dried products and packaging. As for biological, chemical use of vacuum belt dryer due to the different forms of products, so the selection of the standard is very complex, so the need to be extra cautious.


Common failures and maintenance of belt type dryer in the process of using



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